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Paige Welborn

Your power, your happiness, is in this moment. Be present.
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Paige is a dynamic and effervescent teacher, who leads women into a state of empowered self-love and inspiration! Paige takes her students on a joyful journey to transforming your heart, mind, soul and body while having an AWESOME rocking time! Class is dedicated to pushing you, growing you, and joyfully transforming your body, your mind AND your spirit - so that you leave an elevated and changed person - a better version of yourself. So that outside of class, you are empowered to live the life you were born to love!
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“Her energy, positivity, commitment, and grace reverberate through every move. Afterwards you feel uplifted and completely blissful: a better version of yourself. If you haven't yet experienced it, do yourself and your abs a favor and go, go, GO!

"Mark my words... BUTI is the next workout phenomenon to hit New York City, and I am hooked.”

"Hot Damn! What a Fun, Sexy, Playful and Uplifting workout for the mind, body and soul I got @ Paige’s class last night. Paige really knows how to hold a class together webbing delicious empowering food for thought and seamlessly translating it into a rocking workout flow with sweat dropping beat tracks that will leave you detoxified and uplifted. I am hooked!"

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