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The point where you want to give up, is where your results reside. Keep pushing!
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For over a decade, Courtney Paul has set the standard for the New York fitness industry. He is licensed with the National Council for Certified Personal Trainer and has developed dietary routines and advanced fitness curriculum for high-end sports clubs including David Barton Gym, Boot Camp Republic, and Barry’s Bootcamp where he has taught his die-hard clients to sprint, squat, and strengthen their bodies and their souls for the past three years.
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What makes Courtney a great trainer is that he really invests in his students and wants them to become better, faster and stronger in every class. Courtney is all about using the correct form with every drill so that you can not only become stronger, but not injure yourself as well! If he calls you out, its because he cares and notices you and I can personally say that I would be nothing without this mans teaching.

I love Courtney Paul and his classes so much. Where else can you get the best beatz, motivation, and intense workouts that will change your body in the quickest amount of time!?

He has made my love for fitness soar and I can't stop raving about him without even trying to. The reasons why I love him so much is because one he's just straight cool, has amazing music of different variety in every class, challenges you in a fun and engaging way and doesn't forget to correct your form and give you personal attention without making you feel bad. He is truly selfless and just wants to help people change their lives, health and bodies. He turns a challenging and at times hardcore as hell workout in a fun and pleasurable experience.

Mr. Courtney Paul is beyond amazing! He makes you laugh while motivating you to push your limits. I look forward to his classes and the intensity he brings each time will force you to get a killer workout every time!

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